National Council MPs Graduate in Parliamentarian Practice and Conduct Certificate

Front row from l-r: Hon. Victoria Kauma, Hon. Betty Kaula and Hon. Melania Ndjago
Middle row from l – r: Hon. John Likando, Hon. Peter Kazongominja, Hon. Lukas Muha
Back row from l – r: Hon. Hans Nambondi, Hon. Werner Kalipi, Hon. Weich Mupya


  Story by Pamela Mate

Several National Council Members of Parliament (MPs) who registered for a Certificate in Parliamentarian Practice and Conduct with the University of Namibia are graduating today, 12 April 2019 at the University’s main graduation ceremony. The course, which was only on offer to Parliamentarians, commenced in the beginning of July last year and extended over a period of 11 weeks.

SThe graduating MPs were overjoyed, as the harvest of their hard work had finally dawned on them. Some were joined by family and friends to this auspicious and important event.

Hon. Betty Kaula was elated and stated that the course was very important for lawmakers. She said the knowledge that has been imparted on them will go a long way in minimising mistakes in the reviewing of laws and the general law making process. The MP from the Oshikoto region stressed that they now have a better understanding of things, such as the constitution and in particular, specific legislation including Customary Law.


Another graduate, Hon. Kazongominja says the course helped them to better understand constitutional democracy and how it works in relation to the three legs of the state, the Executive, the Legilsature and the Judiciary. Kazongominja said the exercise was an eye-opener and has enhanced their knowledge of the law and as law makers, will add value in their daily lives.

At the onset of the course, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Professor John Barolo implored on the National Council MPs to bring forth their practical experiences to the largely theoretical course in order to modify the curriculum and improve the material in areas that may need change. This is because National Council MPs, as representatives of the grassroots, sit in a unique position and with a wealth of information.

The Members of Parliament who graduated today are the Vice-Chairperson Hon. Bernard Sibalatani, Hon. Werner Kalipi, Hon. Weich Mupya, Hon. Betty Kaula, Hon. Peter Kazongominja, Hon. Victoria Kauma, Hon. Melania Ndjago, Hon. Lukas Muha, Hon. Simon Dukeleni, Hon. Hans Nambondi, Hon. John Likando, Hon. Steve Biko Booys, and Hon. Petrus Kavhura. The course covered several modules, including English for Certificate Purposes, Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Customary Law, Legislative Drafting and the Role of Parliament in a Constitutional Democracy.

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