Public Accounts Committee probes the veterans’ funds

Representatives of the Veterans Affairs Ministry taking the oath during their appearance before the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts



Windhoek - The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Accounts today (05/03/2020) probed the Veterans Affairs Ministry and the Namibia National Liberations Veterans Association following the uncovering of discrepancies by the Auditor General over the veterans’ fund.

The Ministry has received an adverse opinion (A red flag for unreliable accounting practices) over its financial records as a result of late submission of financial statements, incorrect processing of transactions, unexplained financial adjustments and other errors such as lack of a cashbook and a virementation policy. Chairperson of the Committee, Hon. Mike Kavekotora reminded representatives of the Ministry at the hearing that they were bound by the law to ensure the timely submission of financial statements for auditing purposes. The financial statements have not been submitted for four successive years starting from 2013 to 2016.

In his response, Executive Director of the Ministry, Abraham Iilonga noted that he was new in office and attributed the challenges to have been caused by inexperience and lack of staff. He noted that, at the time, the volume of work overwhelmed staff and that the non-demarcation of functions exacerbated matters as staff performed multiple tasks at once. He said as a solution, more specialized staff have been recruited to ease the burden. He further explained that the Ministry has put in place stringent measures to control the constant re allocation of already budgeted funds from one activity to another, also known as virementation.


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