National Assembly consultative workshop with the EPDN Programme

Enhancing Participatory Democracy in Namibia (EPDN) representative addressing the workshop



The Enhancing Participatory Democracy in Namibia (EPDN) Programme has conducted a consultative workshop with Heads of Directorates and Divisions and supervisors of the National Assembly Secretariat. The EPDN is a partnership programme of the Government of Namibia and the European Union aimed at enhancing engagement between the Parliament, Government bodies and Civil Society Organisations in Namibia. The programme started on the ground operation in November 2020 and is expected to continue until June 2025.

The three days’ consultative workshop was undertaken during Tuesday 12th January to Thursday 14th January 2021. The objective of the workshop is to raise awareness on the EPDN Programme and create understanding of the ways of working of the various directorates and divisions of the National Assembly. The Head of Departments (HODs) and staff members of different Directorates and Divisions highlighted the functions, achievements and challenges of their respective work areas. They also exchanged reflections on their expectations with the capacity development focused EPDN Programme.

The EPDN Programme targets both Parliament houses, the National Assembly and the National Council, while it foresees supporting engagement with Civil Society and various citizen organisations in policy oversight and implementation functions. Through such interventions, the EPDN Programme aims to achieve its overall objective of contributing to the national development goals, focusing mainly but not restricted to the sectors of education and skills and rural development.

The consultative workshop was presided over by the Secretary of the National Assembly, Madam Lydia Kandetu, who in her key note address underscored the importance of the consultative workshop in facilitating reflections on Parliament’s ways of working and directing it towards improving responses to citizens’ expectations. She provided a motivational message through emphasis on making use of the EPDN Programme’s initiatives for strengthening dynamisms in the Parliament’s engagement with civil society and other citizen groups.


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