New National Council Members to Undergo a Week-long Induction Session

The Chairperson of the National Council, Hon. Lukas Muha (at the podium) opening the Induction Programme


  Story by Rafael Hangula

TThe National Council is conducting a week-long induction programme for Members of the 6th National Council who were sworn-in in December last year (2020). The main aim of the induction is to acquaint Members with the constitutional mandate of the institution.

This induction programme is covering a range of fundamental issues which are relevant to the role of Members of Parliament, such as Parliament as a law-making body, the Constitution and Separation of Powers, the law making process, the oversight function, the role of committees, the Standing Rules and Orders and many others.

Officially opening the induction programme, the Chairperson of the National Council, Hon Lukas Muha urged Members to take induction programme seriously, and play an active role as representatives of all Namibians.


“Please listen attentively as we do not want anyone of us getting into trouble on the basis that you have transgressed any Constitutional provisions and other legal provisions over declaration of assets and the abuse of privileges and immunities,” said Muha.

“Together we must continue the transformation of our Parliament and ensure that our Parliament remains relevant to many challenges that face the people we represent. We should also and at all times, make sure that the people that we represent do not lose hope and the trust they vested in us on the 25th of November 2020,” he added.

Today, 15 March 2021, marks Ninety day since taking their oath as Members of Parliament in the sixth National Council, having been inaugurated on the 15th of December 2020.

In his welcoming remarks, Secretary to the National Council, Mr Tousy Namiseb said that it was important for MPs to understand the issues pertaining to their constitutional mandate, hence the importance of the induction exercise. Namiseb emphasized that Members will be operating at three levels, namely; on the constituency, regional council and Parliament level, hence the seriousness of the week long induction.

The induction programme, which started today, is slated to close by the end of the week (15/03/2021 – 19/03/2021)

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