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Standing Committee on Urban and Rural Development


The function of this Committee is:

  1. To scrutinizes regional development policies and advise the National Council on the way forward;
  2. To scrutinizes legislation on Regional and Local Authorities and advise the National Council on what the Committee deems necessary;
  3. Studies regional reports and advise the National Council on the way forward;
  4. To liaises with bodies representing the interests of Regional Councils and Local Authorities (e.g. Association of Regional Councils (ARC) and Association of Local Authorities on Namibia (ALAN);
  5. To deals with matters falling under Ministries and Organs concerned with Health and Social Services, Youth and Sports, Education and Culture, Science and Technology, National Planning, Public Service, Works and Transport, Port and Telecommunication Services, Women, Children, Unemployment and Labour Relations, Agriculture and Local Government and Housing, and Information and Broadcasting;
  6. To monitor the implementation of the decentralization process;
  7. To monitor budget implementation of Offices, Ministries and Agencies falling within the Committee's ambit; and
  8. Performs any other function as may be referred to it by the National Council.

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Ms Amalia N. Iita
+264 61 202 8141
+264 61 202 8146
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