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The function of this Committee is:

  1. To encourage government, private institutions, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in the housing delivery sector, to promote the implementation of the recommendations and proposals made in the Declaration of Principles and Commitments of the Global Forum of Parliamentarians on Habitat, as well as those of the Istanbul Declaration on Human Settlements;
  2. To establish networks for the exchange of information with the Ministry of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development, the National Habitat Committee and all stakeholders in the housing delivery sector in Namibia on the one hand, and the Global Forum of parliamentarians on Habitat, the Regional Councils for Africa (RCA) of the Global Forum of Parliamentarians on Habitat and other parliamentary committees on Habitat on the other hand, with a view to implementing the Habitat Agenda;
  3. To promote legislation for sustainable human settlements, safe environment, potable water and good sewerage systems and encourage provision of adequate shelter for all;
  4. To hold public consultations, seminars and workshops in which Governmental Authorities, private institutions and the Parliamentarians may participate to know and analyse the problems and needs of sustainable human settlements, urban development, housing, environmental protection in order to gather proposals and consensus for their solution;
  5. To perform any other functions as may be referred to it by the Council.

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Ms Adelheid Jafet
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