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The Constitution of Namibia makes provision for the election of a Speaker. The Speaker is a senior officer and the person responsible for the orderly functioning of the House, its proceedings and the conduct of members in the House.

When the Speaker is presiding over the House, he/she is expected to be impartial, should not be seen to favour any political party, and his/her ruling must be in the interest of the nation.

The Speaker is assisted by a Deputy Speaker and two Committee Chairpersons. During the absence of the Speaker in the Chamber, any of these persons can preside over the House. The same conduct is also expected from them and Members should accord the same respect for them as they do for the Speaker.

All Bills passed by the National Assembly, are signed by the Speaker and forwarded to the President for his assent. The Speaker also represents the National Assembly at international conferences and other official events.

Current Speaker

Hon. Prof. Peter Katjavivi, MP

Speaker of the National Assembly

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