Tours make Parliament accessible to the public and its stakeholders. A tour is a way to educate both Namibians or tourists about how our Parliament was found and what its roles, rules and structures are.

What can I expect from a guided tour?
• A warm reception from one of our Liaison Officers at the main entrance to the Parliament Building;
• A tour of the Chambers of both Houses of Parliament–the National Assembly and National Council.
• Visitors are encouraged to ask questions about Parliament.

Focus of the tour
• History of the Parliament Building.
• Functions and composition of Parliament.
• The law-making process, democracy and governance.
• Your role in the law-making process.

How long is a tour?
A tour is between one to one-and-a-half hours in duration.

How far in advance must I book a tour?
You may book your tour in advance or arrive unscheduled at Parliament at any time between 9:00 and 16:00. Should you need a Member of Parliament to talk to, please book your tour at least two weeks in advance so that the necessary arrangements can be made in advance.

Where are the public galleries?
Galleries are found upstairs in the Chamber. Our security personnel will direct you to the galleries. You may use the main staircase. The elderly and people with disabilities are advised to use the elevator inside the lobby.

How Do I enter Parliament?
Use the main entrance on the western side of the building, people with disabilities may use the special entrance on the south of the building.

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