German Bundesrat President visits National Assembly

Hon. Loide Kasingo, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly (right) exchanging gifts with Hon. Daniel Gunther (left), the President of the German Bundesrat


  Story by George Sanzila

The German delegation led by the President of the German Bundesrat who is also the Minister of Land, Hon. Daniel Gunther visited the National Assembly today.

The German Bundesrat is a legislative body that represents the 16 federal states of German at a national level.

During the visit, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Hon. Loide Kasingo reiterated that the Namibian Parliament needed assistance to strengthen its committee system and parliamentary research service.

“We have 10 portfolio committees at the moment and their function is to do oversight. When our Speaker visited the German Parliament, he requested that we be assisted to strengthen our committee system. A report to that effect has been tabled and we will be looking at it when we resume our session”, noted Kasingo.


Hon. Kasingo noted that although Namibia has achieved over 48% women representation in Parliament, a lot still needs to be done to progress even further. She further urged opposition parties to emulate the zebra style policy adopted by the ruling party for the latter to be realized.

“We have the 48% women representation mainly because of the zebra style policy of the ruling party. We are trying to convince our opposition parties to follow suit so that we match Rwanda that has over 60% representation”, said Hon. Kasingo.

Hon. Gunther on his part noted that the German Parliament still lagged behind in terms of women representation and further commended Namibia for being a good example.

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