Office of the Chairperson

The role of the Office of the Chairman is to:

  1. Strive to promote a positive image of the Chairperson’s Office and the National Council.
  2. Ensure swiftness and responsiveness of service delivery to our clients.
  3. Sustain integrity measures that promote transparency, accountability, effectiveness, efficiency, fairness and honesty at all times

Office of the Secretary

The Office of the Secretary to the National Council is responsible for the following:
  1. Effective management and provision of human, financial and infrastructural resources to the National Council.
  2. Ensures that, the implementation of the National Council Strategic Plan is in line with our core values, vision and mission.
  3. Provide guidance to all Directorates and account for all expenditures of the National Council.
  4. Oversees the preparation, implementation and monitoring of the annual budget.
  5. Serve as the liaison between O/M/As and Regional Councils.
  6. Serves as the Principal Advisor and secretariat to the Standing Committee on Rules and Orders, Committee on Privileges and Immunities and Steering Committee of Members of Parliament.
  7. Ensures the implementation of the institutional affirmative action plan.

Specialised Services

Our standards applicable to specific work areas:

  1. Arranges all logistical and other matters pertaining to sittings
  2. Renders advice concerning procedural matters in the National Council
  3. Prepares minutes, order papers and Committee reports and other documents
  4. Records, transcribes, edits and procedures the National Council Verbatim Reports
  5. Render advice to the Chairpersons of Committees and Committee members
  6. Attends to protocol, safety and security aspects of the National Council
  7. Renders administrative assistance to national, international and inter-parliamentary committee

Legal Services

To provide high quality, reliable and efficient legal advice and support services, to the Council, the Chairperson, committees and administration, to enable the National Council to exercise and perform its constitutional powers and functions.
Summary of Core – functions
  1. Legislative Drafting: to scrutinize all Bills passed by the National Assembly, draft amendments to Bills where necessary. Prepare Bill summaries.
  2. Legislative Legal Advice: to provide professional legal opinion to the Members, Standing Committees and administration.
  • Chairperson Office legal Advice: to provide legal advice to the Office of the Chairperson.

General Services

The Directorate facilitate the recruitment and selection process, administer condition of service, coordinate training and development programmes, advice on the budget formulation and execution, compile quarterly financial reports, compile institution performance reports and procure goods and services for the institution as well as manage transport facilities and safe keeping of the records.

Division: Research and Information Services

Our Role is to:

  1. Research, publish and disseminate information about National Council activities.
  2. Coordinate information provision to ensure coherence and consistence of information flow within the institution.
  3. Facilitate tour guides on National Council premises.