• Office of the Speaker

    The Office of the Speaker provides executive support services to the Speaker and Deputy Speaker.

  • Office of the Secretary

    The Office of the Secretary to the National Assembly is created by Article 52 of the Namibian Constitution. The Secretary is the administrative head and accounting officer of the National Assembly. The Secretary is assisted by staff in the Public Service.

  • Table Office
    The Directorate Table Office is responsible for the operational assistance required in respect of all activities in the Chamber.
    In addition the Office has the following functions:
    • The preparation and proof reading of Bills to be tabled
    • The production of Order Papers and Minutes
    • The receipt and distribution of all documents in the Chamber
    • The preparation of amendments and notices for Members
    • The editing of questions
    • Giving procedural and related-support to Presiding Officers in the Chamber
    • The control and management of security inside the Chamber
  • Committees Services
    The Directorate Committee Services is there to assist Chairpersons and Members of Parliamentary Standing and Select Committees, in respect administrative and procedural aspects. Enquiries concerning a particular Committee may be directed to the Clerk of the relevant Committee and any enquiries concerning Committees in general should be directed to the Director: Committee Services The Directorate Committee Services provides Committee Members with various support services, including the following:
    • Briefing materials to enable Members to discuss a broad range of policy and other issues
    • Linking Members with civic organizations, stakeholders and other public forums
    • Assisting Members in the processing of requests and inputs from the public
  • Legal Services
    The Directorate Legal Services provides legal advice to the Offices of the Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary of the National Assembly as well as to the Members of Parliament. The advice is on both procedural and substantive issues of law.
    The Directorate’s functions include:

    • Legal research
    • Legal drafting
    • Giving legal advice to Parliamentary Standing Committees
    • Summarizing Bills for Members of Parliament
    • Drafting legal opinions on constitutional and other questions pertaining to law-making.
    • Provision of legal advice to individual Members in the performance of their duties.
  • Research, Information, Publications and Editorial Services
    The Directorate to provides research, information and publicity services to the National Assembly. It offers the following main services:

    Research: The subdivision provides official and non-partisan research services to Members of the National Assembly in relation to their Parliamentary duties.

    Public and media liaison: Act as a linkage between Parliament, the public and the media. It is responsible for issuing media releases on information regarding Parliamentary activities and conduct outreach activities such as providing educational information to the public.

    Publications: Produce a wide range of publications including information leaflets and the Quarterly Parliament Journal

    Promotional items: Exhibits and sells an assortment of memorabilia such as shirts, mugs, key holders etc.

    Photographic services: Provide photographic services to MPs for the purpose of identification badges, visas and passports. Services are also offered for important events such as conferences, public hearings and press conferences.

  • General Services

    The Directorate General Services is the logistical arm of the National Assembly that provides various general and support services. This includes finance services, personnel services, organization and auxiliary services.

  • Library and Computer Services
    The Library’s objective is to establish an information service that strengthens the legislative work of the Parliament.
    (i) To closely work with Parliamentarians to meet their requirements.
    (ii) To provide up to date and relevant information service
    (iii) To organize and process information sources professionally.
    (iv) Custodian in ensuring a good preservation of parliament records.Office hours
    Monday-Friday: 08h30-13h00 and 14h00-17h00Computer Services is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Parliament computer network. It also provides end-user support to MPs and the administrative staff of Parliament.