Member of Parliament – National Council

Ndonga Linena Constituency

Kavango East Region


Legislative Profile Fifth National Council Member for Kavango East Region 2015-2020; SWAPO Party Ndonga-Linena Constituency Regional Councilor 2015 – 2020.
Personal Born on 1 January 1975
Education BED Honours- Curriculum Design and Development (University of Pretoria-RSA); B.Tech Education Management (Tswane University of Technology-RSA; BETD-Languages (Rundu College)
Career School Principal 2008-2015; HOD 2006-2008; Teacher 1999-2005; Swapo-Party and Ndonga-Linena District Information and Mobilization Officer 2013-2015; Swapo-Party and Kavango East Regional Executive Committee Member 2013-2015; Branch Coordinator for Sankara and Swapo-Party 2013; SPYL Secretary Ndonga-Linena Branch 2005-2013.
Legislative Interests Education; Rural Development; Safety; Youth and Sports, Tourism, Labour.