Member of Parliament – National Assembly


Legislative Profile Member of the National Assembly, 2000-2010; Deputy Chief Whip of SWAPO Party, 2010; Chairperson of Standing Committee ICT, 2010; Member of Standing Committee PAC, 2005-2010, 2010-2014; Member of Standing Committee Human Recourses, 2005-2010; Member of Standing Committee Economics, 2009-2010; Vice Chairperson of IPU Namibia Group; Minister of MWTC, 2000-2005.
Personal Born on 25 May 1952 at Okatana, Oshana Region.
Education Certificate in Professional School Teaching Ongwediva College, 1993; BSC Mechanical Engineering (Ships), USSR, 1980; MSC Maritime Safety Administration, Marine Engineering, Word Maritime University, Sweden, 1991; Diploma in Maritime Management and Economics, Egypt, 1983; Scientific Degree, Doctor of Technical Science of Transport, International Transport Academy, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2002.

Medal of Honour, International University of Management Namibia, 2010

Career Exile, 1974; Member of the SWAPO Party, 1973; School Principal Iiviyongo JPS; Chief Inspector Occupation, Safety and Health, Ministry of Health, 1992-2002; Member of the Standing Committee on Occupational and Health; Member of International Science Bridge, 2004 to present day.
Interests Education, Maritime and Safety and Security Issues