Member of Parliament – National Council

Private Bag 13371, Windhoek

Okahandja Constituency

Otjozondjupa Region


Legislative Profile Member of the National Council for Otjozondjupa Region (1993 – 2004); Deputy Chairperson, Standing Committee on Regional Development. Member of the Otjozondjupa Region Management Committee since 1993. Councilor for the Okahandja Constituency.
Personal Born 12 March 1956. Okahandja, Otjozondjupa Region. Resides in Okahandja. Deceased on 27 November 2009
Education Primary and Secondary education in Namibia. Senior Certificate Sukses College, South Africa.
Career Otjozondjupa Governor (2003 – 2009); SWAPO Party Secretary of Information and Mobilisation for Okahandja District (1994 – 2004);  SWAPO Party National leader for Otjozondjupa Region; Control Officer, National Census. Okahandja (1991); Polling Officer, Okahandja (1989); Chairperson of the Okahandja Branch of SWAPO (1983 – 1993); Chairperson of the Community Development Committee, Okahandja (1992);Teacher, Aurora Primary School (1978 – 1980).
Interests Education, sports and politics.