Member of Parliament

SWAPO Party (1989 – 2008); then RDP(2010 – 2015)

Legislative Profile 1978 – 1989: Member of SWAPO negotiating team for the UN Plan for Namibian Independence; 1989 – 1990: Member of SWAPO Election Directorate; 1989 – 1990: Elected Member of the Constituent Assembly; 1989 – 1990: Elected Member of the Constitution Drafting Committee; 1988 – 1990: Elected Chairman of the Constituent Assembly’s National Symbol’s Committee; 21st March 1990 – 1993: Minister of Information and Broadcasting; 1993 – 2003: Minister of Trade and Industry 1993 – 2003: Elected Chairman of the National Honors and Orders of merit committee; 2003 – 2004: Minister of Foreign Affairs; 2004 – 2007: SWAPO Member of Parliament 2009 – 2014: RDP Member of Parliament and President of the Official Opposition
Personal 17th June 1939 Odibo, Ohangwena Region
Education Primary Education: Engela Primary School, Ohangwena, Namibia; Secondary Education: Augustinium Secondary and Teacher and Training College, Okahandja, Otjozondjupa, Namibia; 1961 – 1964: Temple University High School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States; Tertiary Education 1964 – 1968: BA Political Science from Lincoln University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States; 1969 – 1973: MA Political Science, Development Studies and Economics from McGill University, Quebec, Canada; 1977 – 1978: Diploma African Political Studies from Syracuse University, New York, United States 1998: Diploma Development Policies from Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, United States.
Career 1961: Joined SWAPO Party; 1961: Went into exile for Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania (previously known as Tanganyika); 1963: Sent by SWAPO to Egypt working at the SWAPO office in Cairo, Egypt; 1964: SWAPO Appointed Representative to the Americas; 1968: Co-authored together with Hage Geingob “The Rise of Nationalism in Namibia” in the book titled “Nationalism in Southern Africa”; 1973 – 1981: SWAPO Appointed Secretary for Education; 1973 – 1981: Together with the late Homateni Kaluenja in SPYL penned the SWAPO anthem “Alert Namibia”; 1974: Together with Shoombe Ndadi and Norwegian artist Torril Berklit, Hamutenya conceived the idea of the powerful; SWAPO election symbol “Die Mannetjie”. The three sat for three days to fine-tune the concept and design; 1976: Wrote the SWAPO constitution; 1976 – 2004: Elected member of the SWAPO Central Committee; 1976 – 2004: Elected member of the SWAPO Politburo; 1976 – 1981: SWAPO Appointed Deputy Director and Head of the History and Political science Department UNIN, Lusaka, Zambia; 1981 – 1989: Elected SWAPO Secretary for Information and publicity; 1978 – 1989: SWAPO Appointed member of the SWAPO negotiating team for the UN Plan for Namibian Independence; 1989 – 1990: SWAPO Appointed member of SWAPO Elections Directorate 1989 – 1990: SWAPO Appointed member of Constituent Assembly; 1989 – 1990: SWAPO Appointed member of Constitution Drafting Committee; 1989 – 1990: Appointed Chairman of the Constituent assembly National Symbols Committee (developed the National flag, coat of arms and wrote the words for the national anthem); 1990 – 1993: Transformed SWABC to NBC as Minister of Information and Broadcasting; 1993 – 2003: Established SME and EPZ policy programme as Minister of Trade and Industry; 1993 – 1995: Appointed Chairman of the committee of National Honors and Orders of Merit; 21st March 1995: Awards given in the first Investure Ceremony; 2003 – 2004: Drafted Namibia’s first foreign policy white paper on Economic diplomacy as Minister of Foreign Affairs; 2004: Nominated as one of SWAPO’s candidates for the National Presidential Elections; November 2007: Resigned from SWAPO; November 2007: RDP Appointed interim President; December 2008: RDP Elected President and candidate for 2009 Presidential Elections; December 2013: RDP Re-elected President and candidate for 2014 Presidential Elections
Interests Reading, Farming, Watching football and boxing