Member of Parliament – National Council

Private Bag 13371, Windhoek

Olukonda Constituency

Oshikoto Region


Legislative Profile Member of the National Council for Oshikoto Region (1998 – 2010), (2020 – 2025); Councilor for the Olukonda Constituency. Member of CPA Namibia Branch.
Personal Born 05 September 1960 at Okaloko. Resides in Oshikoto Region.
Education Certificate – Parliamentary Practice and Conduct, University of Namibia, 2023; Attended Primary School at Onezizi Combined School. Completed grade 12 at Oluno Secondary School 1975.
Career Joined SWAPO Party (1975); Received military trained at Tobias Hainyeko Training Centre, Angola (1976); Studied political science in former Soviet Union (USSR) (1981); Diploma in Administration and Development Studies, United Nations Institute for Namibia, (Zambia) (1983 – 1986); Studied political science at John Scher Party School, German Democratic Republic (GDR) (1986 – 1987); SWAPO Party Chief of Information and Mobilization Officer, Ondangwa (1989); Elected first Regional Councillor for Olukonda Constituency (1992); Elected Member of the Oshikoto Regional Council’s Management Committee (1995);
Interests Not available