Deputy Minister: Mines and Energy


Legislative Profile Member of SWAPO Party; Member of Parliament
Personal Born on 31 July 1969, Tses in / /Kharas Region. Deceased on 08 October 2014
Education He started his primary school at Gainachas in 1976, and proceeded to Berseba for the Junior Secondary School; and J A Nel Senior Secondary School where he did not complete standard 8 (Grade10) in 1988 due to political involvements. He was one of the students who supported NANSO during apartheid. He supported SWAPO party to rise against Bantu and Afrikaans being taught at school, and as a result he was expelled from the school with other pupils. However, the expulsion did not stop him from furtherance of his political career for the benefit of the Namibia liberation struggle.
Career Hon. Isaacks started working as a store clerk at CCN / FMLU on drought relief program in 1992 – 1994. He worked as a messenger at UNICEF (1995 – 1996). In 1997 he returned to Berseba where he started mobilising the masses on the activities of SWAPO Party structure in the Berseba District. He was elected as SWAPO Party branch Coordinator for the Late Dawid Christiaan Goliath branch (1997 -1998). He was chairman of the Kaitsi! Gubeb Junior Secondary School (2004 – 2006). In 2006 he was appointed as a member of the Parole Board, by the Minister of Prisons and Correctional Services. He served as a SWAPO Party local authority Councillor at Berseba Village Council, and as a Chairman for the Council. He was elected District Coordinator and served in this position until 2007, when he was elected to the position of SWAPO Regional Coordinator for Karas Region, a position he held until 21 March 2010. He was one of the 10 candidates to be nominated by the President to Parliament during the 2009 SWAPO Party Electoral College. Honourable Isaacks is a member of the SWAPO Party Central Committee, and SWAPO Regional Executive of the Karas Region. On the 21st March 2010 he was appointed Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.
Interests Women empowerment, Fight alcohol and drug abuse, Fight Violence against Women and Children, Reading and Sports activities