Legislative Profile Member of Constituent Assembly 1989; Head of first Leadership team to return to Namibia 1989; Head of the UN-SWAPO liaison Officer during the elections 1989; Member of the Constitutional Drafting Committee 1989 – 1990; Minister of health and Social Services 1990 – 1996; Minister of Regional and Local Government and Housing 1996 – 2002; Member of the SWAPO Political Bureau 2002 – 2007; Minister of Mines and Energy; Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry 2005 – 2008; Minister of Safety and Security 2008 – 2010; Minister of Veterans Affairs since 2010; Member of the Central Committee and Political Bureau of SWAPO since 2012
Personal Born on 20 May 1936 at Onayena, Oshikoto Region
Education M.Sc in Social Science from University of Helsinki 1969; MA in Political Science from University of Helsinki 1970; BA (Medicine) from University of Helsinki 1974; MD (Medicine) from University of Helsinki 1980
Career Join SWAPO 1960; First black Post Master in Namibia 1962 -1963; Imprisonment for political reasons 1963; Clerk for Etosha Petroleum Company in Namibia 1963 – 1964; Went to exile 1964; Broadcaster for the External Services of Radio Tanzania 1964; SWAPO representative to the Nordic Countries 1966 – 1971; Chairman of the African Students Association in Finland 1975 -1979; Co-author of the book, White Power of Southern Africa 1976; Chief of SWAPO Head of Military Medical Service 1981 – 1984; SWAPO Head of Medical Services Kwanza Sul, Angola 1986 – 1989; Chairperson of the SWAPO National AIDS Committee 1986 – 1989; Chairman of the SWAPO Children’s Committee at Kwanza Sul 1989; Chairman of Board of Trustee of AIDS Care Trust 1995 – 1998; Cabinet Minister since 1990.
Interests Social and Community Issues pertaining of the economic well-being of the marginalised especially children, women and veterans; Environment Issues