Member of Parliament – National Council

Private Bag 13371, Windhoek

Berseba Constituency

//Kharas Region

Landless People’s Movement (LPM)

Legislative Profile Member of the 6th National Council, serving the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Education, Science, ICT and Youth Development.
Personal Born, 29 August 1971
Education Master of Education, Midlands University (2018); Bachelor of Education (Honors), Rhodes University (2012); DEAL – University of Namibia (2002); Basic Education Teacher Diploma – Windhoek College of Education (1999).
Career Politician; Councillor of the Berseba Constituency (2020 – 2025); Lecturer – University of Namibia Southern Campus; Subject advisor – //Kharas Region; Principal (2003 – 2012); Teacher (15 years).
Legislative Interests Governance; Reading and writing African literature; Farming.