Chairperson of the National Council

Arandis Constituency

Erongo Region


Legislative Profile Second National Council Member for Erongo Region 1998-2004; Third National Council Chairperson 2004-2010; Fourth National Council Chairperson 2010-2015; SWAPO Party Regional Councillor for Arandis Constituency since 1992.
Personal Born 11 June 1951, Erongo Region
Education Herero Primary School 1958-1967; Augustineum Secondary School 1968; St. Theresa Secondary School 1969- 1973; University of Western Cape 1976; University of Namibia 1996; Polytechnic of Namibia, 2001.
Career Teacher: Joined SWAPO 1975; Rössing Uranium Mine Worker 1976; SWAPO Arandis Branch Chairperson 1980-1982; SWAPO Regional Chairperson 1983-1990; Mineworkers Union of Namibia President 1987-1991; SWAPO Regional Executive Committee Member since 1983; Commissioner for Western Region 1991-1992; Erongo Regional Governor 1993-1999; Association of Regional Councils (ARC) Vice-President 1997-1999; SWAPO Party Central Committee Member since 1997; SWAPO Party Politburo Member since 2007; ARC President 1999-2005; Deputy Minister Works, Transport and Communication 2002-2004.
Interests Community development, health issues and politics.