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Legislative Profile Member of the country’s Constituent Assembly and signatory to the Independence Constitution 1989 – 1990; Member of Parliament, Namibian National Assembly, 1990-1991; Member of Parliament since 2010
Personal Born on 12 May 1941 at Okahandja, Otjozondjupa Region
Education Primary: Rhenisch Herero School, Windhoek, Namibia; Secondary: Umuahia Government College, Nigeria, 1963-66 Augustineum Training College, Okahandja, Namibia, 1960-1961; University: DPhil, St Antony’s College, University of Oxford, UK, 1986. Thesis title: ‘The Rise of Nationalism in Namibia and its International Dimensions’. MA, University of Warwick, UK, 1980. Thesis title: ‘Some Aspects of Namibia’s Political Sociology’. University of Dar es Salaam, 1966-67, Extra-Mural studies in History, Law and Politics;


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Career SWAPO Deputy Representative in Tanzania, 1966-1968; SWAPO Representative for the UK and Western Europe, 1968-1976; SWAPO Secretary for Legal and Economic Affairs, 1969-76; SWAPO Secretary for Information and Publicity, 1976-79; Member of the SWAPO Central Committee, 1976-1983; Director, Colin Winter Centre for Namibia, Oxford, UK, 1986; Director, Pilot Study on Namibian History, University of Joensuu, Finland, 1986-1987; Visiting Fellow, Southern African Research Programme, Yale University, USA, 1988-1989; Director, SWAPO Research Unit, 1989-1991; Founding Trustee and Director, Namibia Economic Policy Research Unit (NEPRU), 1990-1991; Member, Namibian Constituent Assembly, 1989-1990; Special Advisor on Higher Education to the Government of Namibia, 1990-1992;Founding Vice-Chancellor, University of Namibia, 1992–2003; Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia to the Kingdom of Belgium, The Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the European Union, 2003-2006; Ambassador of the Republic of Namibia to the Federal Republic of Germany 2006–2008; Director General of the National Planning Commission, 2008–2010