Other information:

Member of Parliament – National Council

Oshakati East Consitituency

Oshana Region


Legislative Profile Fifth National Council Member for Oshana Region 2015-2020; SWAPO-Party Regional and Information Officer for Oshana Region; Councilor for Oshakati East; Chairperson for Oshana Regional Council.
Personal Born on 3 March 1960
Education Grade 12; Piloting; Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) Certificate in Development Finance.
Career Chairperson of Oshana Regional Council and Management; 11 years as a Member of Oshana Regional Council; Regional Manager or Coordinator for Rossing Foundation; Retired Flight Luitenant Chopper-Pilot; Former PLAN Combatant.
Legislative Interests Defense; Tourism and Environment; Finance; Economic; Health; Natural Resources.