Minister of International Relations and Cooperation


Legislative Profile Assistant Whip SWAPO party 2005 – 2010; Deputy Chairperson of Standing Committee on Economies 2005 – 2008; Chairperson of Standing Committee on Economies 2008 – 2010; Member of Standing Committee on Human Resources, Social and Community Development and Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, defense and security 2005 – 2010; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs (2010 – 2015); Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation (2015 – 2018); Minister of Urban and Rural Development (2018 – 2020); Minister of Information and Communication Technology (2020 – 2024); Minister of International Relations and Cooperation (2024 – )
Personal Born on 1 September 1975 at Oshigambo, Oshikoto Region
Education MEd (English), Great Zimbabwe University (2023); BTh, UNISA (2022); Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice Law, UWC (2021); MSc Finance, University of London (2020); BEd, OUT (2019); MBA, ESAMI (2018); Legal Practitioners Qualifying Examinations – admitted as Legal Practitioner of the High Court (2018); LLM, UNAM (2017); BA Economics, OUT (2017); Doctor of Literature and Philosophy in International Politics, UNISA (2015); LLB Honours, UNAM (2014); MA in International Politics, UNISA (2009); BA Honours in International Politics, UNISA (1997); B. Juris, UNAM (2011); BA in History and Political Studies, UNAM (1995); Secondary Education, Oluno Senior Secondary School – now Andimba Toivo ya Toivo SSS, (1987 – 1992); Primary Education, Oshigambo (1980 – 1986).
Mushelenga P., 1996, Nando na li toke, a poetry book in Oshindonga language, Windhoek: Gamsberg MacMillan Publishers.
Chapters in books
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Journal articles

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Public lectures, conferences, seminars, and workshops papers

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Career Teacher Nehale Senior Secondary School 1996; Assistant Information Officer at Parliament 1996; Foreign Relations Officer at Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1996 – 1998; Executive Assistant to the Managing Director Nampower 1998 – 2002; Deputy Company Secretary Nampower 2002 – 2004; Project Coordinator Administration and logistics Nampower 2004 – 2005;
Interests International Relations, law, and economies