Member of Parliament: National Assembly


Legislative Profile Member of the National Assembly (2015-2020)
Personal Born on 16 February 1958, Ohainana-Eenhana, Ohangwena Region
Education Bachelor of Nursing Science(Honours)(1997; Degree in Bachelor of Nursing Science (1994); Diploma in Nursing Science (1986); Diploma in Midwifery (1983); Certificate of Enrolled Nurse (1987); National Senior Certificate (STDX) (1982); Form Three (111)Certificate (1987).
Career Chairperson : Ohangwena Swapo Women Council Executive Committee ( 2011-2015); Member : Swapo Party Women Council Central Committee assigned to Ohangwena (2006-2015); Member of Ohangwena Regional Swapo PARTY Women Council Executive Committee as Treasurer( 2006-2015); Senior Health Program Administrator for Special Programs, Ohangwena Region(2006-2015); Member of RACOC Secretariat, Ohangwena Regional Council(2006-2015); Swapo Party Treasurer of Ondobe Constituency ( 2007-2015); Member of the Ondobe Constituency Development Committee(2009-2006); Control Registered Nurse: Nursing Service, Ohangwena (2003-2006);Member of Regional Swapo PARTY Women Council as an Advisor (2001-2006); Operational Manager, Oshandi Clinic, Ohangwena( 1995-2003); Member of Ondobe Executive Committee Representative of Women Council ( 1996-2001); Senior Registered Nurse, Katutura Hospital (1994-1995); General Professional Nurse, Katutura Hospital (1986-1991); Shop Steward of NAPWU , Katutura Hospital (1990-1995); Student General Nurse: Katutura Hospital (1983-1986); Student Midwifery: Onandjokwe Hospital (1981-1983); Enrolled Nurse: Uukwaluudhi Hospital (1979-1981); Student Enrolled Nurse: Oshakati Hospital ( 1977-1979).
Legislative Interests Public Health; Gender Equality; Affirmative Action; Vision 2030 Policy.