Member of Parliament – National Council

Mariental Urban Constituency

Hardap Region


Legislative Profile Third National Council Member for Hardap Region 2004-2010; Fourth National Council Member for Hardap Region 2010-2015; SWAPO Party Regional Councillor for Mariental Urban Constituency since 2004; Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Security, 2004-2010; Standing Committee on Security, Constitutional and Legal Affairs 2011-2015; Standing Committee on Habitat 2011-2015.
Personal Born 15 August 1951, Oshana Region
Education Ompundja Primary School 1960-1970.
Career Farm worker 1970-1971; railway worker 1971-1984; SWAPO Party Mariental Branch Mobiliser 1984-1989; SWAPO Party District Mobiliser for Mariental Urban 1989-1991; SWAPO Party Regional Mobiliser for Hardap Region 1992-2003.
Interests Labour laws, community issues, sport, and church services.