Member of Parliament – National Council

Private Bag 13371, Windhoek

Endola Constituency

Ohangwena Region


Legislative Profile Third National Council Member for Ohangwena Region 2004-2010; Fourth National Council Member for Ohangwena Region 2010-2015; SWAPO Party Councillor for Endola Constituency since 2004; Chairperson Standing Committee on Habitat 2005-2010; Standing Committee on Regional Development and Reports 2005-2010; Vice-Chairperson CPA Namibia Branch 2005-2010; Standing Committee on Regional Development and Reports 2011-2015; Standing Committee on Audit 2011-2015; National Council Women Caucus 2011-2015; SWAPO Party Deputy Chief Whip 2011-2015.
Personal Born 29 September 1955, Ohangwena Region. Deceased on 10 August 2014
Education Ongwediva Teachers’ Training College 1975-1976; Higher Primary Education Certificate 1997.
Career Teacher: Joined SWAPO 1971; Omashekediva Primary School Teacher 1977; Engela Parish Institute Teacher 1978-1980; Ovambo Teachers’ Association 1983-1988; Omuve Senior Primary School Teacher 1980-1998; Ohalushu Parish Elders’ Council 1988-1997; HOD Omuve Senior Primary School 1998-2002; Finland-ELCIN Friendship Western Diocese Committee Member since 2001; ELCIN Western Diocese Elders’ Council 1995-2001; Namibia National Teachers’ Union 1989; Omahenge Primary School Principal 2002-2004; SWAPO Party Branch Coordinator 1984-1999; SWAPO Party District Mobiliser 1998; Endola Constituency Development Committee 1998-2000; SWAPO Party Regional Executive Committee Member since 2000.
Interests Reading, church, watching TV and volleyball.