Member of Parliament – National Assembly

Address: Private Bag 13323, Windhoek


Legislative Profile Member of Parliament (2015 – 2020; 2020 – 2025); Deputy Chairperson-Parliamentary Standing Committee on Constitutional and Legal Affairs; Member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Gender Equality, Social Development and Family Affairs, Member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Défense and Security; Member of the Standing Rules and Orders and Internal arrangement; Members of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Natural Resources; Member of SADC-PF (Deputy Chairperson of Gender Equality, Women’s Advancement and Youth Development).
Personal Born on 12 September 1977, Windhoek
Education Certificate: Education in Development, Certificate in Transformational Leadership, Development in Transformational Leadership
Career Secretary to the SWAPO Party Chief Whip, Member of Parliament
Interests Community Development, Gender and Youth upliftment, All marginalised members of society development.