Deputy Prime Minister


Legislative Profile Deputy Prime Minister (1995 – 2005); Minister of Labour and Manpower Development (1990-1995); Member of the National Assembly (1990 – 2005).
Personal Born 07 January 1934 at Gibeon, Hardap Region. Resides in Windhoek, Khomas Region.
Education Secondary education in Namibia and South Africa. Two Honorary Degrees from Paul Quin, USA, and St Augustine, USA (1990).
Career Teacher. Secretary to Chief Samuel Witbooi (1958); Joined Swapo after the collapse of the Namibian National Convention (1976); Was elected the SWAPO Secretary for Education and Culture on the National Executive Committee, and Chief of the Witboois, while in detention (1978); Member of the Swapo delegation that negotiated the UN Plan for Namibian Independence (1978-1989); Vice President of SWAPO (1984 – 2005).
Interests Labour and human resources development