Minister of Defence

Private Bag 13371, Windhoek

Endola Constituency

Ohangwena Region


Legislative Profile Oshikoto Regional Governor since 2004; Member of the National Council for Oshitoto Region (2004); Oshikoto Regional Councillor for Omuthiyagwiipundi Constituency (1993 – 2010); Member of the National Assembly (2015 – 2020)
Personal Born on 23 MArch 1960 at Oshigambo, Oshikoto Region
Education Public Service Management course, Eastern and Southern African Management Institute (Esami), Pretoria and Cape Town (2003); Public Service Delivery, Esami, Ondangwa (2003); Project Management, Esami, Ondangwa (2002); Fundamental of Regional and Local Government, Africa Institutional management Service, Okashana Research and Training Center (2001); Military training and political studies, Lubango, Angola (1979 – 1980).
Career SWAPO district coordinator, Omutsegonime District, Oshikoto region (1990 – 1992); Teacher, Onkumbula Junior Primary School (1990); Head of Voters Education, Onkumbula Center, Ondangwa (1989); Political Commissar, Deputy Commander on Political Matters, Specialist in radio communications warfare (1980 – 1989); Anti-air defence platoon commander, PLAN (1979 – 1980).
Interests Not available