What we do

Office of the Secretary

The Office of the Secretary to the National Assembly is created by Article 52 of the Constitution. The Secretary is the administrative head and accounting officer of the National Assembly. The Secretary is assisted by staff in the Public Service.

To attain the objective of the Secretariat, the following functions need to be performed:

  • The rendering of a personal support service to the Speaker

A support service is provided for the Speaker to meet his immediate personal needs in exercising his numerous and diverse responsibilities

  • The provision of operational assistance and guidance to the National Assembly.

Logistical support is provided in respect of sittings, advice on procedural and other matters and attention is given to the requirements of the Members to ensure the proper functioning of the National Assembly

  • The provision of legal services to the Speaker, Members, as well as the Secretariat
  • The provision of operational assistance and guidance to Committees

Committees are provided with support similar to that which is required by the National Assembly.

  • The rendering of general services
  • The provision of research, publication and editorial services to the National Assembly and an information service to the wider community
  • The provision of library and computer services to cover the collective needs of the National Assembly and the National Council.