The Parliament of Namibia consists of the National Assembly and the National Council, together forming the Legislative arm of Government.
The National Assembly consists of 96 voting members, elected for a term of five years on the basis of proportional representation, plus an additional 8 non-voting members appointed by the president.

The National Council was formed in accordance with chapter eight of the Namibian Constitution, on February 1993, after the regional elections held in November 1992. The Regional Councils Act, Act 22 of 1992 is a result of a Constitutional provision. The National Council consist of 42 members, elected for a term of five years, from each of the 14 geographic regions. The National Council reviews bills passed by the National Assembly and recommends legislation on matters of regional concern for submission to and consideration by the National Assembly.

Article 63 and 74 of the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia clearly outlines the wide-ranging functions and powers of the two Houses of Parliament.